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Interview Coaching

14 years ago my dream job evaporated due to a merger.  That event forever changed how I “land” interviews and earn job offers. I have since earned millions of dollars in a corporate sales career, and helped over 800 individuals to interview their best! Leverage my success formula. Learn from a pro … insights that will help you quickly prepare for and succeed in interviews to win more job offers.


NOTHING will help you achieve more, and more quickly, than expert coaching. Let me save you time and be more successful. 


"If you are going to do something, then do it well!"                                                        Mom and Dad
"If you are going to do something well, then waste no time, seek expert coaching!" Kirk Jewell


800+ individuals have benefited from my coaching.  My live 1:1 coaching is specific to YOU and your present situation. The same cannot be said of books or web articles. You will learn a proven, repeatable approach to interview prep and communication that will benefit you today and forever more. You will learn to focus prep and interview time ONLY on what matters most.  To get the job offers you want.


Interviewing is selling. I know both. As the top corporate sales professional at 6 of 6 companies, and as someone like you – who has interviewed for jobs.  After losing my dream job I interviewed with 21 companies and received 17 job offers.  Twice since I have changed jobs, and received 4 offers for 4 jobs.  What I will coach you to understand – is a result of all I have learned along the way.  Just as I have done with 100s of individuals before you.  Every person is different. Every interview is different. Learn my simple, proven methods. Waste less time. Achieve more easily.

Research the web as I have ... You won't find ANY other interview coach with my background, experience and track record of proven success in:

  • Interviewing
  • Professional Sales
  • Hiring expert coaches myself with great results, and most importantly
  • Coaching 100s of individuals to achieve 50% more job offers

If after touring this site you wish to hire me, simply follow the steps on the “Getting Started” tab.  If you first wish to speak with me briefly to help make your “hire” decision, email me your phone number and say so youandyourcoach@gmail.com. Please take 5 minutes to read through this site first before we speak.  Thank you. I look forward to the opportunity to help you be more successful!


Kirk Jewell